2-3 years

Welcome to the adventurous 2’s! Our 2 year olds thrive on routine. We have created a schedule that allows for consistent Early Preschool activities. At this age, you will begin to see a structured schedule that balances both play and learning times. Our focus begins to shift from simply “play” to preschool prep and learning. Your child will begin to be introduced to interactive play groups as they show interest in group play. Our 2’s are offered simply activities in science, math, art, sensory, and storytimes as well as focused areas to begin imaginary play.
We spend individual instruction time to master the use of eating utensils and an open cup, hand-eye coordination, following 2-step instructions, correct crayon grip, using approximately 50 words with sentences, and growing their attention span to 5-10 minutes. Much of our efforts will also be spent in potty training with coordination of your same efforts at home.