3-4 years

The very beginning of the school years start here! In our preschool classroom, the primary focus becomes learning and the small beginnings of school “work” will be visible. At this age and stage, children are naturally curious and eager to explore. We use this never ending curiosity to create a love of learning. The teaching plans revolve around engaging weekly themes and promoting school readiness. Activities are focused on developing in all the various academic areas including: reading, science, math, cooking, sensory and art. You will quickly see each individual child’s pride in their personal success. The sense of belonging and team effort and successes are also monumental for this age group. The classroom is set up to provide space to encourage working together as a team to complete tasks and activities. Children of this age are also in pursuit of self-help and independence. You will often see children completing personal and classroom “jobs” to take care of themselves and their surroundings.